Artisan&Artist* Global proudly showcases our Japanese heritage and craftsmanship through our range of cosmetic and casual bags and accessories.  

Throughout our 30-years, we have remained true to our mission to provide innovative and functional designs. With a history steeped in centuries-old skills and expertise, we commit to the highest standards, from carefully selected materials to handcrafted finishing.  

Artisan&Artist* continues to create products synonymous with functionality and style. We are committed to bringing the beauty of Japanese design, practicality, craftsmanship, and artisans’ expertise to people around the world.  


Our Story  

Tokyo, Japan, 1991, Artisan&Artist* launched our make-up cases and brushes with a focus on functionality and utility for professional make-up artists and stylists. The careful craftsmanship behind each product’s distinctive design and purpose captivated professional artists so much that we created a cosmetic and casual range for everyday use.  

Into the early 2000's, we expanded into camera accessories. We discovered our pragmatic designs lent themselves perfectly to stylish yet safe camera storage and transport. Our diverse line of camera bags ensures your equipment is protected while offering compartmentalized storage segments for all your essentials.  

Today, we offer women and men worldwide a collection of products that capture our heritage, craft, and skills. Offering finessed functionality and style to simplify your life.