GCAM-1000 Leather Shoulder Bag (Standard)
GCAM-1000 Leather Shoulder Bag (Standard)

GCAM-1000 Leather Shoulder Bag (Standard)

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Camera bag made of Japanese leather with a functional, sophisticated, and urban design.
In addition to accommodating two compact camera bodies such as M-type Leica or mirrorless cameras, the main compartment can store up to two lenses.

The front compartment, designed for storing lenses and light meters, also includes a cushioned inner lining. The inner lining is removable, and the included partitions are detachable using a hook-and-loop fasteners, providing flexibility to adapt to various scenes and storage needs. Part of the shoulder strap is padded to reduce the burden on the shoulder when carrying heavy equipment. Furthermore, the back surface is equipped with an anti-slip treatment for stability when worn over the shoulder.
The bag uses solid brass for its metal parts and leather for its body. As you use the bag over time, these materials will develop a natural aged look, which adds to its charm and character.

Additional Features
- Easy to use, long leather pull tab
- Back pocket with a loop snap button
- Back panel that comes in contact with the body is made of nylon fabric

Made in Japan

-Our Story-

We debuted in Tokyo in 1991 with functional makeup boxes and brushes tailored for professional artists and stylists. In the 2000s, we expanded into camera accessories. Each item is meticulously designed, emphasizing functionality and quality to protect your items.

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While we understand the desire to maintain the pristine condition of your silk straps, we encourage embracing the natural evolution they undergo over time. The gradual softening and development of a unique patina add to the charm and character of the product. Washing the strap is not recommended; however, at your own risk, you could try gently dabbing it with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics.

Our range of products is crafted with versatilityin mind, catering to a wide array of camera models beyond just Leica. While the majority of our products are compatible with most cameras, we advise considering the attachment mechanism when selecting a strap and checking the fit for your specific camera when choosing bags or pouches. Presently, our camera half cases are exclusively tailored for Leica cameras.

Designed with both protection and convenience in mind, our camera pouches serve as a safeguard for your valuable equipment. While our camera bags and backpacks offer dedicated compartments with internal padding for direct storage, our pouches provide an additional layer of security for cameras, lenses, and accessories when placed inside your preferred casual bag or backpack.

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