Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907
Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907
Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907
Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907
Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907

Valiant Rouge - Minimal Multi-Use Pouch - LI907

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A mini-sized multi-use pouch, convenient for quick outings. The L-shaped zipper allows for smooth retrieval of the items inside. Despite its slim profile of only 15mm, it can hold 2-3 makeup items, keys, and cards. It is handy for organizing items inside a bag. There is one pocket on the outside. The high adhesion of this pocket significantly enhances its usability. When the pouch stores makeup, we recommend storing a mini mirror or oil blotting sheets in the pocket. Also, hairpins can be tucked into the pocket's opening, ensuring they won’t slip out and get lost.

Crafted from beautiful fabric produced by traditional French textile maker, Dutel. The blueish-black color provides an elegant base for the sophisticated jacquard fabric, woven with shimmering lipsticks that give this pouch that je ne sais quoi. Metallic lame yarn gives the crimson lipsticks a glossy finish, while accents of golden piping tie everything together with a touch of class and sophistication. Fits naturally into any formal occasion.

* Dutel, established in 1937 northeast of Lyon, France, is a specialist manufacturer of jacquard textiles. Loved and trusted by world-famous fashion designers, their fabrics are made by the hands of highly skilled craftsmen using the latest in loom technology.

Made in Japan

4 Reasons This Makeup Pouch is Your New Must-Have

  • 01

    Ultra-Slim Design

    This 15mm thick pouch is a minimalist's dream, offering hassle-free portability for essential cosmetics like lipstick and compact.

  • 02

    L-Shaped Zipper for Accessibility

    An L-shaped zipper provides quick and easy access to stored items, ensuring convenience at every turn.

  • 03

    External Pocket for Essentials

    An outer pocket adds extra storage for frequently used items. It's also perfect for securing hair pins, keeping them from slipping out.

  • 04

    Versatile Storage Solution

    Beyond cosmetics, this pouch is ideal for organizing small, easily misplaced items in your bag, from keys to earphones.


-Our Story-

We debuted in Tokyo in 1991 with functional makeup boxes and brushes tailored for professional artists and stylists. In the 2000s, we expanded into camera accessories. Each item is meticulously designed, emphasizing functionality and quality to protect your items.

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When selecting a cosmetic pouch, consider the size that best meets your needs and whether it can accommodate the items you plan to carry. For example, a large vanity pouch is ideal for organizing cosmetics at home due to its spacious capacity.

If you need a makeup pouch for daily use, consider having pouches of different sizes to categorize items as "frequently used" and "infrequently used."

Your daily item load might change, especially if you have evening plans after work or during different seasons. Opt for a size that provides extra space for your typical cosmetic items.

Pouches with high storage capacity, multiple compartments, and pockets are advisable for travel purposes.

Washing or immersing our cosmetic pouches and bags in water is not recommended. Doing so can cause deformation and damage the leather parts.

To clean a cosmetic pouch, apply a diluted neutral detergent (like dishwashing liquid) on a clean cloth moistened with water or lukewarm water. Gently pat the fabric, avoiding rubbing, to remove light stains. This method is typically sufficient for cleaning.

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